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To meet up with the new challenges is our vision and to reach to that we are expanding our organization. We want to venture into new processes, opportunities and areas through which we can delight our customers. A reliable way to go ahead with new opportunities is to cater one of the needs of large percentage of clients. In this regard we have created a series of automation services that can guide our valued customer in the direction of finding, running and building up machine with highly precise automation. Also through this process they can also help in building and improving existing business as well.

We strive to do everything possible to satisfy our customers' needs and delight them with our services. We continually research for new and improved product lines. We ensure that our customers get the best from us.

For many years, various industries have tried to make processes simple and control it by automatic systems to reduce human error and intervention in such process. We help these industries to achieve their above mentioned aims. We especially support Validation activity for Pharmaceutical industries. Also we support them to generate Documents like MVP, IQ, and OQ, PQ etc. We give support for computer system validation and support for 21 CFR compliance.

We support building management systems, a complete home automation/Management system to complete building /Facility management systems. This includes - Security system, Fire and alarm system, backup /fails safe system, light and fan control system, sound system control and access control system.

Please feel free to contact the customer care department for more details about our services.